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The prices are based on the kind of service you require. For Wash and Fold, we charge per weight. Check our pricing page for more information on the pricing.

Yes, we offer dry cleaning services.

We are opened till 7pm

There are no hidden charges at all. What you want is what you pay for.

We’re opened from 9am to 5pm on holidays.

Yes. You only need to specify where you want the delivery done and it’d be done for you!

It’s currently cash only. We’re working towards adding more payment methods for your convenience

First, after receiving your clothes, we sort it based on the type of fabric and the tags on the clothes to determine the wash style. The clothes are then tagged to prevent any mixups with other items. We then pass the clothes through a treatment process to remove any form of hard dried stains and bacteria before washing. The clothes are finally washed, dried and folded or ironed depending on your indicated service preference.

Not at the moment, but we’re working on it and will add it very soon.

Our Mobile app is coming out soon.

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